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That night I drunk anything that was handed to me,
I did this in an attempt to forget your existence,
I tripped over tables and chairs,
This reminded me of how it felt falling for you,
I ended up with bruised knees and cuts on my hands,
They stung for days.
I kissed a pretty stranger but there was something different about his lips compared to yours,
They tasted of alcohol and he kissed me like he didn’t care,
You used to kiss me like your life depended on it,
His kiss didn’t help me forget you,
It made me crave you.
not even alcohol can numb this feeling  (via iclungtoy0u)
When I looked at you last night my heart stopped,
I wasn’t expecting you to be behind the door that I just answered,
I just mumbled hello and let you into the party anyway.
As the sky grew darker,
The air became colder,
And the floor was stained with more beer.
You approached me,
You looked at me with that same expression you had 6 months ago,
I bet you still didn’t have a clue about how much I adored you,
But I swear for a second you saw something in my eyes.
“Take a sniff of this.” I remembered you saying as you gestured to the small medicine bottle in your hand,
I looked straight into your eyes and you nodded.
I put my nose to the bottle and inhaled deeply,
My brain went fuzzy,
My heart raced,
I became so disorientated,
It reminded me of how it felt to love you,
It had been 186 days,
4464 hours,
267840 minutes,
Yet I was back in that same place from just one breath,
I’m still loving you.

I want to be more than a friend, 

I want to kiss your cheek when they’re tear stained. 

(via iclungtoy0u)

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